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Method to determine uncertainty of a selfmade or unknown resistance standard?

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Dr. Frank:

--- Quote from: zlymex on August 24, 2016, 09:51:04 am ---Hi Dr. Frank,
They do have transfer spec of ohm ranges for HFL version of 3458A.
The spec for 100k is better probably because the measuring voltage is 5V.

And expecting your measurement.

--- End quote ---
Hi Zlymex,

Good explanation, more logical.. I always thought about this item, that this 0.1ppm is due to the fact, that the 100kOhm range is closer related to the 40k internal resistance.

I already have shown such a T.C. measurement in the 'resistance' thread, maybe I still find that link..


Thanks for all your replies.

I don't need to calibrate 8,5 digit DMMs, only 6,5 digit instruments (34401, 34410, 34465, K2000...).

Could I use this approach for?

--- Quote from: carl_lab on August 23, 2016, 06:47:45 pm ---...measuring the value of "unknown" standard resistor by 3458A, taking this value as "applied value" for a second measurement by UUT (UUT = unit/DMM to test by selfmade standard)?
Then applying the tolerance of UUT and narrow it by uncertainty of 3458A?

--- End quote ---
I think, long therm stability and tempco doesn't matter (too much), if I measure the standard resistors every time I need to calibrate a 6,5 digit DMM. Room temperature is 23+/-0.5°C.

What do you think?


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