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The TAA550 seen here is supposedly from Philips, so it should be similar to the original development by Valvo.

The dimensions of the die are 0,55mm x 0,54mm. The structures basically correspond to the structures of the TAA550 built by Tungsram. The resistor in the upper left corner, which sets the factor of the Vbe Multiplier, consists of four elements. In contrast to other variants, in this TAA550 you can clearly see how the resistors for sinking the collector currents become smaller from transistor to transistor.




I still have a few TAA550.  ;D

The marking on this TAA550 is unreadable. There might have been a logo to the left of the letters TAA550. The A at the end of the designation shows that here a binning was done.

In the package, quite a bit away from the die, there is a small element that is probably a remnant from the attachment of the die.

As with the TAA550 from Tungsram, the end of the bondwire has been left slightly long at the pin. The ball shows that the bondwire has been cut by melting it.

It shows that it is a design by Tungsram. Next to the bondpad is the specific logo that was also found in the TAA550 from Tungsram. The structures are also the same apart from minimal variations in the metal layer.

Compared to the TAA550 from Tungsram, however, the resistor of the Vbe Multiplier has been configured differently. Elements 1 and 3 are active. The optional short-circuit bridges can still be seen. In the Tungsram TAA550 just element 2 is active. If we use the values estimated there, the resistance factor in the Vbe Multiplier is 13/9, in contrast to the factor 17/9 in the right picture.




SGS ATES alternatively sold the voltage reference TAA550 with the name TBA271. The bin with the index B stands for an output voltage between 32V and 34V. The voltage range of the TBA271 extends overall from 30V to 36V.

Apart from details in the metal layer, the design corresponds to the design of the TAA550 built by Philips. It remains unclear what the small, electrically insulated element at the upper edge does. Perhaps it´s an auxiliary structure used in the manufacture of the chip.




A new TAA550!  ;D
The TAA550 shown here was manufactured by SGS.

The die was damaged during production. The fractures in the silicon crystal probably occurred during the cutting of the wafer and the parts fell off when they were inserted into the package.

It is the same design as in the TBA271 from SGS ATES. Here you can see that the insulated structure on the upper edge represents an F.




There are still some TAA550 left.  ;D
The TAA550 shown here was produced by ATES and is therefore older than the TBA271 from SGS-ATES.

When the die was cut / broken out from the wafer, the left edge was damaged. There are characters on the lower edge which presumably represent an internal product designation.

This is the usual circuit found in many TAA550s and described in more detail with the Tungsram TAA550 (https://www.richis-lab.de/REF36.htm). However, the layout is different. The resistor in the top left-hand corner has one more contact, which allows the temperature coefficient of the reference voltage to be set more precisely.




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