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Hardly any information can be found about the TBA150. It appears to be a variant of the well-known TAA550. The character string TBA would indicate SGS as the manufacturer.

The package contains an integrated circuit that corresponds to the TAA550. The surface on the left-hand side is badly damaged. This appears to be a production issue. However, the component was probably still functional.

There are structures at the corners that show the alignment of the masks. The metal layer has a strong offset to the left compared to the other layers. This offset can be recognised in some vias. However, the function is not impaired by this.

Apart from small differences in the width of the metal structures, the layout corresponds to the SGS TAA550 (https://www.richis-lab.de/REF41.htm). However, the design is mirrored.



For everybody just reading here: I have uploaded some pictures of a LTZ1000A:





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