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My first 10kOhm reference resistor

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Here is a little update to my reference resistor prototype.
I've putted an Arduino nano controller into it together with a sensor for temperature and humidity, which comes as an Arduino shield. The sensor itself is a SHT 21 from Sensirion (a Swiss company). The datasheet can be found above for download. The little red pcb is a level shifter between 3.3V and 5V for the I²C bus. It is bidirectional.
The prototype PCBs I'm usually using are from this company: http://www.roth-elektronik.com/en  - one can get them at Reichelt for example (https://secure.reichelt.de/)

I will attach the program listing of the nano here as well. Please be kind, I'm not a very good programmer.  ;)

<placeholder for the bom, will follow>

And here are some pictures (and no, the wires aren't pure silver :-) )

Here are some more pictures. This is the adapter case to do the connection between USB and the case (cases, there will be more) of the controller inside the resistor case. The case for the adapter was first used for another little project but I drilled one hole at the wrong place so I was reusing it here.


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