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Nice little Milliohm Meter over at Circuit Cellar

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I haven't put anything on the breadboard in the "USB 1A CCS" case but i played around with it on the simulation and it seems to work good, as long as i can get the right shunt/trimpot for the meter ratio...
I even got as far as to plan how to put on the breadboard. The Meter is the other way around (before the shunt/trimpot) in the PCB version so i has common ground with the USB and i can be powered by it.

I guess you could instead use the 5mA Panel Meter as a voltage meter and convert the thing into a Milliohm Meter like in the analog circuit that Shock posted, use one OpAmp to make the CCS and then another to measurethe Vdrop on the DUT's and have the meter on its output.


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