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Null Detectors/Voltmeters - how useful for a turbo-hobby metrology lab?

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As a proof of concept I dusted off my ADI's ADuC845 board (the 845 chip includes 2x 24bit SD ADCs and an 8052 mcu, ++), I put it into 160mV FS differential mode, 2x 1k resistors for input's protection with 47nF foil for blocking, I hanged an HC-10 BT on it, I powered it all from an old 9V wall adapter (transformer one), all I put into a small paper box. With some basic sw it reads the voltage, it does an adaptive EMA, sends out the voltage, stddev, chip temperature. I replaced the ADI's ref with a REF5025, but I doubt it is relevant in this app. I see the same as with my 34401A (but with a "better" resolution)..

PS: added a quick measurement


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