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Hello All,

First post here. I'm a technical specialist working for Ball Aerospace out of Boulder, CO. We're looking for an ISO 17025 accredited, or Z540.1 accredited, or Z540.3 accredited calibration service provider who can either calibrate onsite or guarantee a 24hr turnaround time for a Newport Optical Detector 818-IG and Newport Optical Power Meter 1936-R. So far, no luck with Trescal, Transcat, Tektronix.

Anyone know a company which does onsite calibrations for these? I don't even know what this would be used for, it's all new stuff to me...


You could try Keysight, although I'm not sure if they do 3rd party products over there like they do in Europe.

I think you may struggle to find what you are after, a lot of the optical stuff can only be calibrated with the OEM manufacturer. I work with laser power meters, mostly made by Ophir which is a subsidiary of Newport, and the company I work for has thousands of the power meters by Ophir and the only place we have been able to get them calibrated is by Ophir themselves as they design in a proprietary calibration procedure, though thats not to say someone could emit a known power light source at the device and record the reading.

If turnaround time at Ophir is anything like the rest of Newport then you are likely looking at weeks or months for turnaround time. Also their calibration is questionable, for example we use 400W laser power meter detectors and Ophir calibrate them at 1 point in each wavelength setting and usually that is in the mW or A few Watts range which is basically almost down in the noise.

Bonjour Only Newport can do this.

Suggest to contact their engineering and tech support.

Doubt if onsite is possible as special fixtures and equipment are needed.

Plan to ship the equipment to Newport via Fed Ex, etc.

If in warranty or CAL period the work may be no charge.

Kind Regards,


I doubt that there is a lab that offers certified on site calibration for these meters.
If turn around time is such a problem just buy a second one :)  also nice for cross checking (migth need a third one to know which one drifted :D )

Labs that offer such services can be found (or requested) at the national accreditation bodies..  (and of course the national metrological labs, which usually offer the lowest uncertainties (for the highest prices ) but often are not listed in the dadabases.

For a calibration it 'just' needs a known source *... however a justification nowadays mostly needs the manufactor...

* and a procedure and a MUB and ... ;)


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