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Possible group buy for PK4-TS

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Thanks, branadic!
Count me in for:

PK4-TS 23.0350-21 (black): 5 pieces
PK4-TS 23.0350-22 (red): 5 pieces


Bad news guys. After I got a raw idea about the quantity to be expected I contacted MC Stäubli again, but then got the following answer today:

--- Quote ---The information just came in that the parts can unfortunately no longer be manufactured for technical production reasons."
--- End quote ---

I'm very sorry for that. So the only option left is to have some other company duplicate them. I made a CAD model based on PK4-T myself a few months back.


I wanted to respond earlier this week, i wanted to get in on this but totally forgot about it..
But now i red your post, i am sorry that it didn't worked out. But thanks for setting this up Branadic! :-+


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