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Possible group buy for PK4-TS

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Hi everyone,

since noone answered my request for Stäubli / Deltron PK4-TS 23.0350-21 / -22 binding posts:


I have contacted Stäubli Electrical Connectors GmbH and asked them for PK4-TS. In principle they can make them custom for me, since this version is out of production for quite some time now, but they are asking me for the requested quantity.


The difference between the still available PK4-T (23.0330-*) and PK4-TS (23.0350-*) is the metal being used (UNS C14500, CW118C, WNr. 2.1546), while the plastic parts are identical.


So this would be a good opportunity to have a large group buy initiated, although I have no idea what price they are asking for a post. Given the unknown price per piece for now, but the knowledge that quality-wise they are somewhere between Low Thermal model 2758 and Pomona 3770 binding posts, I thought I should ask the community, if there is any interest in such a one time group buy. Please leave a comment below such as:

PK4-TS 23.0350-21 (black): xx pieces
PK4-TS 23.0350-22 (red): xx pieces

Hopefully by the end of this week I have a raw overview about what quantity could be reached for a quotation and can get a price target based on that.


Hello Branadic,

please count 20 red and 20 black for me.

Thanks a lot


PK4-TS 23.0350-21 (black): 25 pieces
PK4-TS 23.0350-22 (red): 25 pieces

thank you branadic!

Thanks, branadic!

PK4-TS 23.0350-21 (black): 10 pieces
PK4-TS 23.0350-22 (red): 10 pieces

I might increase if the price is particularly attractive.

When I bought (many year ago) some PK4-TS the price was much higher then Pomona 3770.
If I remember correct price was >30% higher.

Depending on final price, I am interested:
PK4-TS (black): 10 pieces
PK4-TS (red): 10 pieces


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