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Precision DC votage source

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Anybody have any experience or thoughts on this precision DC voltage source ?


On the face of it it seems pretty accurate for the price. My requirement is 10v nominal, true value certified to within +/- 1.5. Ideally something which isn't going to drift around much.


Ha, yes. There was quite a thread about that one a few years back, lots of controversy and mirth irrc, the internal construction was... interesting.  ;D


The listing looks the same anyway.

EDIT: Post with internal photos...  :palm:


It was produced by former (banned) forum member Awesome14. I can't believe he's sold 280 of the things!

oh dear  :palm:  :-DD

Yes I'll give that a miss then.

+/-1.5?  If that's ppm then you've no chance outside of Fluke 734B/C or equivalent.

We make a 10V reference (see our site in my signature link), but it's +/-30ppm.

Yes it's 1.5ppm although that's certified to 1.5ppm.

I need to apply 10v DC, minimum 9v and max 11v, so whatever it is within that range needs certifying to within 1.5ppm. And whatever that certified value is that's what I use. So as I understand it stability is more important than absolute accuracy. I've got access to a 3458a to certify the value of a DC source.

It's for doing a basic cal a 5700a, but I don't have a Fluke 732 DC source available.   


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