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--- Quote from: shodan@micron on December 22, 2021, 10:03:28 am ---Soon it will be sent to "laboratory of national primary standard" with maximum carefully. :popcorn:
--- End quote ---
After several months my standards been measured precisely by The D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology" (VNIIM)

Also results with measurement reports added to Federal traceability database FGIS Arshin.

Now i can use that standards to calibrate somethings...  >:D

UPD: Try translate one of measurement report link .
Original reports downloaded from FGIS Arshin database link.

Do you have history of resistors, e.g. measured value, Alpha, Beta from the past?


--- Quote from: miro123 on March 22, 2022, 05:23:16 pm ---Do you have history
--- End quote ---
Sorry, no any historical data, because main source of that toys is "garbage man"/"refining guys". That people usually do not save any documents.

I'm little bit sadly today, resistors arrived, but now i see: "Russian Meteorologists is a rough boys" they try push documents into a new case as strong as possible... Well, as result inner case filler be damaged :palm:
I forgot to tell them: this case is not meant for anything other than resistors.
A rough level with precision things, into my country sometimes is incredibly high.

Often i remember Armageddon movie https://youtu.be/dEkOT3IngMQ

Teardown of a МРХ wirewound precision resistors.
From up to down, resistive elements from:
1. МРХ 100 MegaOhm 0.05% tolerance.
2. МРХ 100 MegaOhm 0.1% tolerance.
3. МРХ 300 MegaOhm 0.05% tolerance.

The second picture shows the resistors themselves in the same order. For comparison, there is a 100M 1% resistor manufactured by TE: https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-3-1625959-3.html

P.S. these resistors are very stable.
After 30 years from the date of manufacture, all fit into the tolerance with a margin, many with a 2-fold margin.


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