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My unit built on the Trimble base doesn't seem to work as stated - tested. I followed the pdf connecting it and typed help... - No response from the unit. The unit when powered on with the antenna connected started with the leds On and Alm1 - after one second the On moved to Lock -and have stayed there since.

Sorry, I was overly harsh here so I decided to edit it. There is an solution to this I'm sure of. Will look into it during the weekend.

One small problem is for us in Europe - the insert for the wall is as seen for US - so another cost wil be a travellers convertion or the quest of finding an insert for that wallwart for different holes in the wall:).


This was not worth reading... Sorry if I upsetted anyone here  :-[


You seem really worked up about this, I see that you posted the same thing over on diyAudio.

Are you saying that it's just the serial communication isn't working? It sounds as if it is locking, have you tested the frequency outputs?

If it's just the serial port then it may be a genuine fault or a connection error, baud rate or other problem. It doesn't sound like a scam to me.

That GPSDO has been reviewed on this forum and from what I read it does work. The RS232 port does not, IIRC provide access to the GPS in the way that is found on a Trimble Thunderbolt.

I personally use a pair of genuine Thunderbolt GPSDO's and love them

I will try to find the appropriate thread for you and supply the link in a minute.


Here is the thread.....



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