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Raspberry Pi2/3 logging platform for Voltnuts

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Lot of members here needs to log data for various instruments.
And because there is no commonly accepted platform I would like to start collecting inputs for preparation image for RPi2/3 for data-logging over GPIB/LXI and USB.
Steps will be update on TiN website as well.
Soo will be there also RPi image which you will needs to restore on SD card.

Please add in this thread what you would like to log and what instrument.
Some of you have Prologix adapter which we can probably support with small modifications as well.
For logging environment is used BME280 ( temperature. humidity, pressure) sensors are pretty cheap $5 and reasonably accurate.

On RPi is running Apache as webserver and ProFTPd as FTP to access logs, of course SSH with screen  :)
Webpage on RPI contains live view of logged data with D3, from instrument and also data from BME280.

Hi Plesa,
For my vote its is all HP-Ag-Ks GPIB equipment with either  Prologix or HP 82357B. The later has some problems with clones abounding everywhere.
NI also in the running.


Apache, noooo... How about nginx. I can help with setup.
I suggest to set deadline date for inputs , so after you could focus on making all features for version 0.1. ;)
If you want I can provide mercurial repository for sources/build files, etc off my server (no size limits).

I'd be happy with next feature set:

* Latest Pi3 kernel 4.x.x + linux-gpib (Have both Pi1 and Pi3 here)
* Python 2.7 as code platform
* Support for NI GPIB-USB-HS (I can test this)
* Support for Agilent GPIB pods and their clones  (can test with clone)
* Support for popular adapter like Prologix
* Support HP 34401A/3446xA
* Support HP 3458A (can test this)
* Support Keithley 2000
* Support Keithley 2001/2002 (can test this with both 2001 and 2002)
* Support BME280 for environment monitoring using I2C
* Function to upload CSV-data to remote FTP
* SSH via dhcp-network

Supporting all GPIB equipment would be many years of work, so I'd leave that out. If somebody need support specific piece of gear, they can dig thru instruments manual and write own python code to support logging required data.
For example I have Keithley 2510 TEC SMU, and use same app to log TEC power, temperature and current together with DMM samples, but I can't expect everyone to write support for it, just because I need it :) After few trial and errors it's not that hard for DIY.

If it's python, I can help to write support for Keithley 2001, 2002, 2400, 2510, 182, HP 3458, Wavetek 4920/4920M.

Hi Plesa,

Thanks for your efforts.

I would like to have support for data logging over LAN for Keithley DMM7510, Tek DMM4050/Fluke 8846A and Keysight 3446xA/34470A.


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