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Relative humidity measurement. Best practices.

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Last week i made a small setup with some I2C sensors currently not in use. Also i got five new SHT45 sensors (the ones i mentioned above). They agree very well to each other. The SHT35 (about 2 years old ) is about 5 % off and matches the HDC1080 results better.
The table is from 6 hours of data logging with the setup inside a box. 1 sample per second, no apparent self heating.
Of course this can't replace a calibration, but it's a preparation. Chemistry will arrive soon.

Regards, Dieter

Airflow/small movements can affect most of these sensors in the fractional percent range, as well as sources of bright light. For more stable readings you can try placing a small amount of foam over the sensor (as Fluke does) or some type of plastic shield/tubing around the sensor such as in Ander's photo. If it will be in a sealed/protected area then it doesn't matter.


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