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shielded twisted pair solid bare copper wire

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preferably 18 AWG -- where would I buy such (small amount, say 30ft, not a whole 1000ft spool)?  Perhaps even a place in the S.F. Bay Area?

[thought about putting this into Buy/Sell, but the answers might be of wider interest -- at least among the voltnuts  ;D ]

"solid bare copper wire" usually means uninsulated ("bare").
You want to specify twisted insulated solid (not stranded) copper wire, which is probably plastic insulated rather than enameled (as in magnet wire).
18 AWG is kinda large for twisted solid wire, would be quite stiff.

Well, I was looking for pure copper, not the tinned cables one easily finds (and I suspect are used in networking, at least the smaller diameter ones).  I think I saw one seller on eBay referring to such as 'bare', but he might be as clueless as I am.

Stiff is fine by me, but a little smaller would suit as well.  Not too small though, as then screw terminals  can't be used anymore easily.

Solid bare copper wire is readily available, and insulated unplated copper wire is also readily available.
The latter is what is normally supplied for power wiring inside buildings, but usually 14 AWG and larger.
I checked my usual source for uninsulated bare copper wire,  https://www.remingtonindustries.com/  but all of their insulated wire seems to be tinned.
They do have 14 AWG THHN solid insulated wire in reasonable spools, which I believe is untinned copper.
You should be able to get that in arbitrary lengths at Home Depot, or in 25 and 50 foot spools in a few colors.
Much smaller wire is used for Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables, some of which should be solid wire but at roughly 24 AWG.

Conrad Hoffman:
Search for bell wire and thermostat wire. The problem is going to be the shielding and the twist. If the length is short you can twist wires and put a braid over them. What are you trying to accomplish? That could make a difference in what people recommend.


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