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SMD ADR1399 (LM399)

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Already posted this in another topic, but in retrospect I think it deserves its own topic:

Found this in my email newsletter. Link is to the normal non-SMD part: https://www.analog.com/en/products/adr1399.html?ADICID=EMAL_WW_P328165_MIX-NPI-PN_996&deliveryName=DM21110

Might be a marketing mistake?

edit: And apparently there's a USB-C powered devkit?:

It's not a mistake, they have an eval board for that part:

ADR1399E-EBZ Evaluation board - 8-pin ceramic package
ADR1399H-EBZ Evaluation board - 4-pin TO-package

Wow, good catch. I can't imagine that does anything good to the reference.


Why wouldn't it be good? The LT6655HLS8 family has better specs than than the other versions. So mechanically/thermally it is reliable. AD claims tha mechanical stress has no mentionable effect on the package. Since it has lower thermal mass it is easier to isolate. Would it not have better specs?


--- Quote from: RikV on January 19, 2022, 11:10:50 pm ---Would it not have better specs?

--- End quote ---

compared to what?

A Ford T-Model (SMD ceramic) is of course better than a plastic "Bobby Car" (MSOP-Package).
But a Mercedes (Thermally isolated TO-46 package) is still a class better.

What do you expect from the LS8-package?
Measuring air speed?
or measuring PCB humidity?

with best regards



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