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Spread sheet aided design of compensation for 7V to 10V step up resistor set

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--- Quote from: zlymex on March 15, 2016, 03:25:32 pm ---Compensation for tempco. This can be achieved simply by adding a copper resistor. Copper has a very large tempco of about 4250ppm/K, and copper wire is very stable against time, only a small value compensate a lot.

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That is a proven solution.

Winding the insulated copper wire on the original mica card resistor much improves the thermal tracking.

The compensation can be easily trimmed by making a double folded link in the copper wire and shorting the required length by soldering.


--- Quote from: zlymex on March 16, 2016, 03:54:57 am ---Undoubtedly long term drift is the most important. Fluke has not solve this entirely even by putting all they got in their latest 732B. They 'improve' it in specification to 2ppm/year from 3ppm/year of 732A, but still use the same hermetic WW pair.

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And even though the specs of the 732B are better, the 732A has the better behaviour (as can also be seen from the Fluke diagrams you show).


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