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Okay a probably easy question for all you regular visitors to this section, but lets have some fun. Have a look at the pic's of this 'unloved' switch I found dumped in the junk store at work. Do you know its purpose ?. apart from being a switch  :D
(and yes I allready know).
 And it also needs quite a bit of restoration to reverse the state it was left in  >:(.

Looks like it is meant to switch in a 4-wire resistor.

Beautiful... almost the definition of steampunk.
Ebony, Bakelite and/or Brass

Enough suspense  :D and of course every one who looked knew it was a reversing switch anyway!, which was made here in Australia by a company called .. J L William Instruments.
see this short article on wiki. ;https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_William (well worth a quick look).
And here is a pic of the top plate.
I will try to restore this switch to full working condition again, unfortunately the wooden enclosure has vanished long ago.

--- Quote from: SL4P on April 01, 2016, 02:23:14 am ---Beautiful... almost the definition of steampunk.
Ebony, Bakelite and/or Brass

--- End quote ---
All the electrical parts are actually copper and the brass appearance is most likely due to a lacquer (best guess!.).
And I agree it is a thing of beauty and will be restored.

Very nice. All made of pure copper isn't it?
Do nano-voltmeter companies use pure copper instead of tellurium copper for their 'binding posts'?


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