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Symmetricom S200 Teardown/upgrade to S250

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Just found one of my CF cards with V. 1.36 on it that is only 510MB easily fitting on the 512 CF cards.

Here it is...   https://www.dropbox.com/s/3g2oi29c4k91afp/V.%201.36%20510MB.imgc?dl=0

It has the Default login credentials except Symmetricom is with the UPPERCASE S
Hope that saves you a few steps!

I added another image file for v. 1.36.  This one is completely factory defaulted. When you default the unit, the file size on the card grows to the max size of the CF card. (is that a feature???) This CF card is 512.48 MB. Still possible that a lot of CF cards are at least that big.
So here is the link... 


--- Quote from: wje on April 13, 2021, 06:00:04 pm ---I was overjoyed to find this topic, useful information on these is apparently scarce. There are some S250's with the 48VDC supply input showing up on EPray recently, I snagged one.

Mine came with V1.30 installed. I immediately did a hardware mod to supply 5V to the antenna instead of 12V. It's a pretty trivial change, if anyone is interested, I'll post details.

I'm installing a Vectron ocxo, just came today.

One issue, I tried upgrading with the 1.36 update distribution above, not the image, but the actual upgrade file. It fails, logs say 'incorrect hardware version'. Anyone have any clues about this? Meantime, I'll try the image route when I add the ocxo.

BTW, this unit is really easy to hack Linux-wise. I'm surprised Symmetricom didn't lock it down more. Really, a 'settings backup' that's a straight tar of various Linux dirs? But it does make hacking a lot simpler.


--- End quote ---

Please post details on your 5V antenna mod!
I just got two s200 units that I intend to use as NTP servers for my network, and I would prefer not to have to buy $300 antennas if I don't have to.


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