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Symmetricom S200 Teardown/upgrade to S250

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I did a little teardown of the Symmetricom S200 with Rb Osc Option. This unit came to me from the usual online flea mkt, with the description of: all lights lit red.
It was the SMPS. Replace 4 caps on the secondary side.
I then discovered that the real difference between the S200, and the more expensive S250, was the lack of in/out jacks. Everything else appears the same! The FW is the same on these models. Currently version 1.30, and is on the 512 mB CF card. I have cloned image files to create more CF cards.

I know the signals for 1PPS out, and 10mHz out, are there, at the jacks (measured them). All other input signal components seem to be stuffed. Just a check box in the web app to use any of the available reference signals (including input jacks).
So I will soon have the oem AMP jacks installed, and then thoroughly test out. A pretty easy upgrade to S250 model.

The big heatsink and thermal pad over the VIA Eden ESP 400 mHz Processor Samuel 2 http://Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_VIA_Eden_microprocessors

So it went well. Not the prettiest cutting of the panel, but it was pretty tough plastic.
You can see the status of the inputs for 10mHz In, and 1PPS In. I just did a loopback from the outputs, so thorough test of out to in.
I also tried the IRIG out/in works flawlessly. Not sure how much more they charged for the S250, but I'm thinking at least $1K.
Nice upgrade.

I picked up a S250i and it has Firmware 1.01 on it.   I tried to dd the CF card from a 256mb one to 512mb card, but now I cant seem to get the system to bootup.   When you cloned the card how did you do it?   Looks like a goofy set of partitions.   

When I compare the two cards they look identical with the exception of the total size of the card.

I have the software update files for 1.11, 1.26 and 1.36.   The update instructions for 1.26 said to load 1.11 on the 256mb card first then transfer it to the larger card boot that then do the 1.26 etc.

Any ideas?


- Joe

Ok, so you need to use the program HDD Raw Copy Tool. Copy a good booting CF card.


Then you can save the image as a file to your local HD. Then you can make as many spare copies as you like. It will only save it in the original CF card size format.

If you try to copy the image to a larger CF card it will work, but you are still left with the original (smaller) size. The remaining space is inaccessible.

BTW, Do NOT  take Windows suggestion to FORMAT the card!!!  :scared: It has a proprietary format on it!

As a favor can you post to DropBox,  the 1.36 version file???   Thanks! :-+

If you need a good, booting CF card, I have the image file on DropBox.

I'd like to see those Symmetricom upgrade instructions too. How did you manage to get the FW? It seems under lock and key at Symmetricom/Microsemi.


I have uploaded the 512mB bootable V 1.30 CF card image file to DropBox.
You can place on HD and then use HDD Raw Copy to create your bootable CF card.

When I hear from you we can do a file swap. :D


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