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Symmetricom XLi + HD8736


After upgrade with new HD8736, reception of SV is astonishing..
So not anymore issue due to WNRO.. UNLOCK alarms..
But timing is always affect of plus 18 seconds.
I use a TTL to USB converter, to monitor data from the HD (TP5) using Trimble Studio.
When i select LOCAL time on the Symmetricom, I get same timing of T.S.
When time i set to time on UTC (Z) , an offset of + 18 second is add.
Using F67 menu to manage Leap Second, no way to avoid it. Actually is set to -18/-37 NONE.
In a few words, what I do really need is to have UTC = LOCAL -18 seconds.
On the TRAK 9000S leap second is set to NONE, and I have the right time..
Right UTC time also on TrueTime XL-Ak : all of them use the same GPS antenna through a GPS NETWORKING Inc.'s splitter.
Also a DCF77 clock (Auriol) give the right time  :'(


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