Author Topic: T.C. measurements on precision resistors  (Read 303908 times)

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Re: T.C. measurements on precision resistors
« Reply #1125 on: November 27, 2020, 08:47:27 am »
I currently measure on NOMCA1603 networks. I ran into some issue before, as I use a zero force socket. Obviously the socket was not able to reliable break through the oxide on the leads, which resulted in strange t.c. curves. So with a bit of flux and an almost clean solder tip I had to break the oxide, now I get more reasonable results. Here is a first view on a first samle. The t.c. seems to be almost linear.

Edit: Calculated some first values

R1: 4.333ppm/K
R2: 5.452ppm/K
R3: 4.983ppm/K
R4: 4.667ppm/K
R5: 6.072ppm/K
R6: 5.409ppm/K
R7: 5.986ppm/K
R8: 4.823ppm/K


These results are absolute TCR not ratio TCR right?

That's almost 5x better than the datasheet spec of +-25ppm/C absolute TCR.

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