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Tesla MAC199/MAE299/MAB399 and MAC01 : teardown and tests

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Toy box from Czesh republic got into my hands from one of my readers :)
Knowing my precision-sickness there are no less than 12 x MAB399 ovenized 7V references, which are on first glance clone of LM399 series, one MAC01 (10V trimmable reference in metal can 8-pin LTZ-style package and pair of Pt100 RTDs.

I was wondering if these MAB399 any good, as they are rather cheapies (if one can find them :).

Let's take a look on datasheet first..

Package is much taller (both zener can and outer plastic box), but following same style as LMx99. Nominal output voltage is bit higher, 7.25V +/-5%, same dynamic impedance <1.5Ohm, <5ppm/K TC (LT LM399 rated <2ppm/K for -A version, <1ppm/K f or regular), no max specification for noise on MAB399.

Now let's look under the hood. I milled top of the can on one of MAB399's and took quick photo:

Stay tuned..

P.S. I know there is another MAB399 thread in here, but decided not to necropost.


We can see die marking has MAC199, so it mean all three chips are same, just the sorting/binning and/or ageing is different on those SKUs.

For comparison LM399 photo, provided by Gyro in LM399 thread:

I wait for updates.

Looks interesting
Thanks for sharing

There has been another thread about MAC199 before:



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