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New TI REF54EVM Evaluation Module Leaked

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Look at what I've found.


The REF54EVM is a precision voltage reference evaluation module that demonstrates the performance of high precision series reference device (REF54) from Texas Instruments (TI). The REF54 is a family of high precision, low drift, low current consumption series voltage reference devices. The REF54 family offers low temperature drift coefficient (0.5 ppm/°C), low flicker noise (0.16 ppm p-p with 100uF capacitor on NR pin) and high accuracy (±0.02%), while consuming 260 μA current.

• Enable and disable the output
• Capacitor at NR pin is configurable with 0 ohm resistor to optimize the noise performance

• Semiconductor test equipment
• Precision data acquisition systems
• Precision weight scales
• Ultrasound scanner
• X-ray systems
• Industrial instrumentation
• PLC analog I/O modules
• Field transmitters
• Power monitoring
• Battery management system

The REF54EVM is a series voltage reference evaluation module that demonstrates the REF54 performance in SOIC package. The REF54 with low long-term drift (30 ppm), excellent load and line regulation helps meet strict performance requirements of high precision applications. This device also comes with a enable pin (EN) that allows the device to be set in shutdown mode to improve power efficiency. This user's guide describes the characteristics, operation, and recommended use cases of the REF54EVM. This document provides examples and instructions on how to use the REF54EVM board. Throughout this document, the terms evaluation board, evaluation module, and EVM are synonymous with the REF54EVM. This document also includes a schematic, reference printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, and a complete bill of materials (BOM).

Is it anywhere available?
Not at DigiKey or Mouser.

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Looks like there is a webinar announcing this product on Dec 14.

Seems like TI's answer to the ADR45xxD which has similar specs (0.8/C TC, 0.02% Vout, low noise)

If I catch it correctly, than the mentioned specs will be for 2.5V reference (one used in breadboard). I expect that at 5V the noise will be double - common in TI datasheets and specs.

Noise is given as ppm p-p in this case so uVpp/V output voltage.
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