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Ultra Precision Reference LTZ1000

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The model is missing the resistors shown by John Pickering at Metrology Meeting 2021 too.


With highest numeric resolution the TC of the LTZ1000A Vref shows -3nV/C (20-55C amb).
A small (ie 8ohm) resistor in anode does not change TC much, the output voltage increases by a few mV.
There is also an ADI's "testing jig" in the model - showing the response of the Vref on the heater power (switching it on/off). See below.
I think this is not the last revision of the model..

To the LT1000 LTSpice model. You can set the start temperature with a .temp statement and get an idea of the conditions in that case.

To the LTC1052 "Latched" reference. Educated guess: The LTC1052 gets phase reversal with both inputs at GND and you get a stable situation with the circuit not starting up. If you prebias one input enough in the right direction it should start.

A CMOS IC latch up is usually a destructive event with the CMOS IC turning into a switched on Thyristor over its supply rails with no real current limit.

@branadic.  You can add the resistors external and see what changes.

How do people get hold of the fancy sealed metal film resistors?

They are pretty much out of stock in all places I have seen.

Put an order and wait?

Try Texas Components. They are a Vishay licensee and are pretty quick. They don't carry the full range.

You will probably have to call them.


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