Author Topic: Anyone here owns a Fluke/Wavetek 7004/7010 System?  (Read 223 times)

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Anyone here owns a Fluke/Wavetek 7004/7010 System?
« on: September 23, 2020, 10:43:57 am »
Im interested in the construction details of the Fluke/Wavetek 7004 or 7010 Voltage Reference System:
TiN already did teardowns of the 7000-Module (Reference module itself) and the 7000S-Module (makes it possible to connect external voltage references to the system), which is already very nice:

Now im especially interested in the 7000N-module - basically the heart of the scan-system as it contains the RS232-communication, scanner and the nullmeter.
Sadly due to the scarcity of such systems ive never come across a person owning one, thats why i wanted to ask here if anyone owns the 7000N or the whole 7004/7010-system (backplane and 7000T-module would also be interesting) would be willing to do a teardown of the unit.
Id be willing to encourage the teardown with up to 100€ for detailed teardown photos of the pcbs (both sides to determine traces and components) or a bit less for some rough photos of the overall construction and pcbs to determine how they implemented the nullmeter and other stuff.


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