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USA Cal Club Round 3

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--- Quote from: RandallMcRee on February 16, 2024, 07:59:44 pm ---
If you would like the kit after chuckb please PM me.

In the meantime, TiN has prepared a report concerning the recent FX incident.


Kudos to TiN for his great support.

--- End quote ---

Amazing work, getting to this level of precision is truly astounding.

The DC voltage cal kit is headed back to Randall. I was able to calibrate 15 10V sources and three DVM. I also checked my equipment at a cooler temperature to get a rough temperature coefficient for each item. It was a very busy / productive week.

More details to follow.


This is my last post here (as cal club moderator)!

I'm turning the reins over to bdunham7!  :-+

I am sorry that I could not complete round3 but I have suggested to bdunham7 that he continue the round, if interest is shown.

Thanks for all the fish!  Bring your towel!

Thank you Randall for all the work so far.  As soon as I receive the kit I will take an inventory, consult with the remaning Round 3 participants and start a new thread, USA Cal Club Round 3.1.  I'm open to suggestions as to how to improve the process, such as streamlining or repackaging the kit contents.  Let's consider enrollment in this round to be closed for now.  I'll use the remaining Round 3.1 to come up with some ideas for improvements for Round 4 which will hopefully happen soon.

Conrad Hoffman:
Randall, thanks for all the work and doing a great job!


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