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Although I have not received the kit back from the last user (was out of order) I am expecting to be ready to send on to rockstedy40 in another week or so.

Please remember (admonish yourself) to update this thread with any results, etc.



--- Quote from: RandallMcRee on May 08, 2023, 11:26:50 pm ---Please remember (admonish yourself) to update this thread with any results, etc.

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Admonished! There's a good amount of data I am still struggling to cleanup and log, but among the outstanding results I've seen is the agreement between the Prema 6048 and the FX. I've seen them further away from each other than this, but I was at the time still learning how to do a proper zeroing of the Prema (I had it for a minute before I had to send the FX away), so the below is probably as close to the truth as my bench and skill allowed during my custody.

What is this... .4ppm off? I know we're getting into gambling territory, but it's still really nice to see such agreement between references. 

I'm delving deep into all the goodies in the USA Cal Club Kit!

Currently running a test with the FX reference.  The laptop in the foreground does two things:

1) Runs and logs the kit temperature/humidity tracking Arduino, using Tera Term for this, which supports logging with timestamps out of the box.

2) Runs a little home brewed Delphi program that sets up the four DMMs, then goes in a loop triggering them concurrently and fetching their measurements (via GPIB) and logs the results to a file.

Since my DMMs are not really capable of measuring up to the level of quality of the supplied equipment, I am doing it "the other way round", i.e. the objective of the test is to characterize the four DMMs by measuring as close as possible the same input at the same time in the same environment, over an extended time period.  For each trigger, all four DMMs take 8,192 samples in 34.1 seconds and averages them, which is the number that is logged.  The two units on the right were DIY calibrated three years ago, using a battery powered reference from VoltageStandard.com, while the two on the left have had parts swapped and were not calibrated afterwards.

I want to thank all those who have contributed to putting this kit together, it is nothing short of amazing to have access to this level of quality references in a home lab setting!

The kit has arrived in North Carolina and I'm logging away!  ;D

One of the banana jacks had a strain relief fatality. The connection is redundant so it isn't an immediate problem, but since I am not very far down the volt nut rabbit hole I thought I'd check in before trying to fix it. Can I just strip back the wire, trim its partner to match, and re-seat the terminals? If I need to apply special anti-corrosion schmoo or perform ppm-preserving rituals :scared: I want to make sure to do it right.


--- Quote from: jjoonathan on July 08, 2023, 04:17:33 pm ---The kit has arrived in North Carolina and I'm logging away!  ;D

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Nice working space, BTW. Have fun with the kit!


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