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Vertical Mounting for HP3456A - any problems? [SOLVED]

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I have limited space on my workbench so I am thinking of taking the radical approach of vertically mounting my HP3456A on my left with LED display at the bottom, terminals at the top. Does anyone know of any problems, say with heat at one end or other, with instrument accuracy in this odd position?

I have limited space so I picked up a tool cart that doubles as a storage area on the bottom shelf. You can wheel it where you need it . I currently have a Fluke 5100 calibrator and Fluke 5220 stacked on top. Sometimes I add a 3458A on top and it can be easily repositioned.

Thanks. I will also have a look at carts.


you can simply try this. (with a stable voltage reference).

But I wouldn´t do this at least for all LM399 based instruments.
They all have more or less (dependant on individual LM399)
change of output with orientation.

With best regards


Thanks Andreas. Over what period of time did the LSD change by 6 units when moving from horizontal to vertical?


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