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The data-sheet for the ADR1399 looks promissing, even a bit lower noise than I had expected.  It looks like their ouput impedance curve was made with a slightly small capacitor (e.g. not accounting for the capacitive loss with a 1 µF X7R when used at 7 V). The need for the extra RC is not so bad as the resistor for the zener current is now less important.

The MM2021 had a few more infos on the ADR1001: Like the ADR1399 it has the complete support circuit and temperature controller included, and the noise performance of the ADR1001, which is still quite a bit better than the ADR1399. There is also some scaling to 5 V or maybe 10 V.  So it would be more like made to work with high performance DAC or ADC chips.


--- Quote from: miro123 on October 09, 2021, 06:45:06 am ---I'm newbie in this forum. Do we need to start separate ADR1399 thread?

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Why not? Simply start a thread.


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