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Metrology Meeting in Stuttgart/Germany

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Hi everyone,

in about 2 months from now we have the event happening. Since noone made any suggestion for talks yet and I wasn't successful in aquiring some interesting talks either, my suggestion is that every participant gets some ~10 min time with ~2 slides to talk about his/her most interesting project as a base for a fruitful discussion. What do you think about that?


Sounds good, I hope I can make it and at least visit.
Might be too new in the metrology scene to be holding a presentation...

The date for the event is coming closer, time to register for "Metrology Meeting 2022".

As always, send a mail to metrology@hahn-schickard.de with name, e-mail address, nickname and what you are about to bring with you.

Please notice, this years event will by in person only, so there is no remote access.
Everyone joining the meeting should prepare 2-3 power point slides for the open pitch to present recent projects, results, purchase or whatever as a basis for a fruitful discussion in our live session.


Note: As always everyone is invited to arrive on friday afternoon/evening to drop off and hook up equipment so it can warm up.


Let me remaind you all.
We will have a special guest with us giving a talk. It's noone else than iconic Prof. Dr. Klaus von Klitzing.
If you are still hesitating, during lunch you will have the opportunity to ask him questions face to face. Not yet convienced?  :-//



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