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Metrology Meeting in Stuttgart/Germany

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Hi to everyone,

since we have world metrology day in May 2019 and a few new LTZ reference boards are around, I just want to check if there is an interest in a bigger Volt Nut meeting (up to 50 people) and if so what would be the best time?
We could use a room at my work location for free, but need to arrange some catering. The idea is that everyone can arrive on friday and set up his equipment to stabilize to ambient temperature. We could use the evening to have some beer. in the local pubs.
The meeting itself is on the following saturday, starting at about 9:00am. Hopefully we can manage to get some talks, a small flea market, measurement and comparison sessions and good discussions.
What do you think?


Great idea!

I wish I'd be closer  >:( :)

Well, for those of you with a long way I can offer at least one guest bed.


Hi branadic,

good idea!
I already scheduled a week for holiday in May and would need to know the exact date to see if it fits.

Best regards


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