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As an hobbist, I am on the market for a new handheld DMM and I am inclined for a Brymen BM869s.
As a German resident, I would say the vendor is obviously Welectron.
Does anyone know what should I expect from their calibration services?
Do they also adjutst the offsets on the device, or just produce a certificate?
What is their reference?
Anyone already used their services? Ready to share the experience?

Links to documentation/explanations to the "Art of calibration", ISO and DAkkS are also very apreciated.

I have bought stuff from them and have nothing to complain about – good price, good packaging, quick delivery. I have not used their calibration service, but I think the best way to find out what they offer is asking them.

Heck I'm in the US and I order Brymen products from Welectron, since Brymen doesn't market directly in the US. In my experience they've been a great supplier.

Haven't used their calibration services, as that typically wouldn't be feasible from the US, but just given their overall credibility record I would expect them to do a good job.

I'm jealous. A few years ago I was trying to find a calibration service for my K2000 in NL. The only option I could find is to ship it to Germany, as our services don't work with individuals, and are not shy to charge.

Yeah I have local calibration services supplier that will take individual orders, and it's only a 20 minute drive. But they quoted over 2x what my used Agilent 34401A cost me. I decided against since it's not used for professional/production work, and instead just compared it against several low-cost sources, a DMMCheck Plus, and a new 6.5 digit Siglent that was still in calibration. Good enough for me.


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