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Which used calibrator to put the hands on?

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In case you have a limited budget and should by a used dc voltage calibrator of ebay, what would you choose and why? I found:

- Fluke 322A
- Fluke 335D
- Fluke 343A
- Fluke 3330B

Are there other units to look for?


I'd actually like to see any of those devices at something close to a realistic price from any EU seller.

Getting one from the USA and having to ship it via courier to avoid the black hole that is Postnord's customs handling makes it prohibitively expensive.

Conrad Hoffman:
What do you actually want to do with it? Some of those old Flukes are real boat anchors. I gave one away because it really didn't offer anything special compared to a small voltage source, save for the 1000 V range, and it took up too much space and weighed a ton. Some of the others are more versatile, but it all depends on the application.

I just did a similar exercise with DC Calibrators, my conclusion was 332D (no Null meter) or 335D purely on specs in the end I got a 335D as a pristine one turned up in Australia instead of paying $3-400USD for shipping. Have a careful look at the other Fluke offerings specs and you really need to move up to one of the 'newer' Multifunction units to get a better result.

I do own a Valhalla AC Calibrator and I was fairly keen on getting a matching DC (2701) one of theirs but the spec wasn't flash compared to the 332/5D. eBay auction: #301075692003

The EDC ones if you want to do it on a budget are an option and also fairly affordable to ship due to a smaller form factor and lower weight than the flukes but if it is just based on just on specs it's a no. eBay auction: #123649408131

The HP 740B I own is another to keep an eye out for but getting a bag of rocking horse poo is more likely especially if you want one with the input and output boxes. These are 2ppm while the Fluke 332/5D are 1PPM.

Buy a real Anchor you know you want too  >:D

A Fluke 5100B will generate a calibrated source for AC, DC, Ohms and Amps (AC & DC). They can be picked up for a few hunderd dollars.


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