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Yet Another Hammon Divider (YAHD)

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After looking at my previous schematic I realized that I needed to go back to the drawing board and simplify things.  So below is my Rec C design that I’ll be going with.

You’ll note that the 100: section is much simpler now.  That’s because I decided to not go for a 100V design due to issues with the resistors I chose.  It turns out that the manufacture had a problem and ~10% of the resistors were out of tolerance and the entire lot was skewed above nominal.  So the Rev C design will provide a 0.1V output with 10V in.  So, with the 10V Cal-Kit standard, I’ll be able to get 10V, 1V and 0.1V to calibrate those ranges of my 3456A.

Now to start assembly.


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