Author Topic: I am staring at a PIC16F57 chip...  (Read 2407 times)

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Re: I am staring at a PIC16F57 chip...
« Reply #25 on: January 26, 2019, 11:12:10 am »
Pic's are obsolete. Go buy some AVR's.  :box:

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Re: I am staring at a PIC16F57 chip...
« Reply #26 on: January 26, 2019, 09:19:16 pm »
That PIC is obsolete. Atmel has historically discontinued chips like this, abruptly. When their industrial users stop buying it, you can kiss it goodbye. Microchip has historically given you the option to continue using obsolete PICmicros, if you want to. Microchip maintains archive of every revision of their IDE and dev tools going back to 1970, you can go and download for free. They have excellent direct to consumer business model where Joe Nobody can open an account and get volume pricing and allocation of devices 1.5 years in advance to ensure availability to support a given project. They not only make dozens of variations of their devices with different option, but they manage to make all these variations available. The documentation is also way better. In another ten or twenty years, Microchip might bring AVR line up to speed in some or all of these aspects

W/e one you personally prefer, dicking around with your one dev board, that's fine and all. There are other factors you might consider if you take a product into production. PIC is obviously superior in many of those. The whole entire point of microcontrollers is to make it cheaper and easier to mass produce things. Microchip has kept this in focus in their business model, of bringing this capability to small businesses and individuals that other manufacturers essentially ignore. The AVR push into universities and for hobbyists is strong, now, and there's an active community/forum for AVR, but that is just a small part of what Microchip already has in place with PICmicro.
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