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20-bit BIN2BCD (Assembly)

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Just FYI 
Attached is the code I have been working on for converting 20-bit binary to BCD.  More discussion of that is here:

It is based on a polynomial approach developed by Payson and posted on PICList many years ago.  Related links:

Link and explanation to 16-bit BIN2BCD by Payson w/ explanation by Dattalo:

Link to 17-bit BIN2BCD:

I think you'd better post your code in github, much easier to find by anyone if described with the proper tags (PIC, pic16, assembler, binary to bcd, bin2bcd ...).
Here it'll get lost in no time unless someone specifically searches for "bin2cbd".


--- Quote from: DavidAlfa --- ...someone specifically searches for "bin2cbd".

--- End quote ---

Somebody searching for a "binary to cannabidiol" converter will not have much luck at eevblog.... 🤣

Thank you for adding marijuana to what Google will index for that code. :-DD  They deserve it.

As an aside, I was in grad school when a 1-step synthesis for THC was published.  It got a huge response, and the starting material soon disappeared from every chemical catalog.

 :-DD now that's a hard conversion...


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