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512 Megabyte sdram for stm32

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Please, introduce 512 Megabyte SDRAM for stm32h755

I think the biggest SDRAM is 512Mbit, you'll need 8 chips or an old RAM stick

Have you looked into IoT RAM or PSRAM? It's not what are you looking for, but maybe worth considering. There are 512 Megabyte options in a small low pin count packages by different manufacturers, options are limited by low voltage logic levels, but there are 3V too.

That ST part can't even map or control 512MB of SDRAM, I think:

--- Quote ---13-bits Address Row, 11-bits Address Column, 4 internal banks: 4x16Mx32bit
(256 MB), 4x16Mx16bit (128 MB), 4x16Mx8bit (64 MB)

--- End quote ---

2^13 * 2^11 = 16M addressing capability. At 32-bit bus width thats 64MByte per bank.
You'll need to connect 4 banks to address 256MByte.

But routing a 32-bit data + 13-bit address bus to 4 SDRAM packages doesn't sound that fun, but should be possible.
The old 144 or 168-pin SDRAM standard use 8 banks and thus a 8x8-bit = 64-bit data bus, so you'll lose half the memory capacity of those sticks.
The 72-pin SDRAM DIMMs have a 32-bit bus, but I haven't seen those in high capacity.

FMC memory Banks

SDRAM controller

 I discover only one sdram with name MT46H64M32LF


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