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Upgrade firmware ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge 3.77 to 1.77b

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--- Quote from: mfro on January 16, 2023, 09:41:43 am ---Before we had Python, we had the Unix shell.

--- End quote ---
Yes, and then we came up with a way to make things maintainable instead of cryptic one-liners that only work on one OS.

I'm sure it is possible to pack this all into one line of Python code, but this is not an obfuscated coding contest.

Edit: of course, it is possible. Here is a Python one-liner that is shorter than the shell one (and arguable more readable):

--- Code: ---open('out.bin', 'wb').write(bytes([j for i in open('in.bin', 'rb').read() for j in [i, 0xff]]))

--- End code ---

It is still shorter even if you run it as a standalone command in a shell-style with python -c "...."


--- Quote from: ATEQUITY5 on January 16, 2023, 08:28:42 am ---Hi Everbody, I am looking to use the acard 7722 for a Akai Sampler which is based on a 386embedded, target is to attach sd card writer IDE. I have in a second Akai sampler with a working Acard. Is it possible to extract the firmware out of the other model and put it into a 7722 card? If yes, what do I need. There is no need to use SCSI2SD or ZULU SCSI, because the Akai is using Fat32 format and one SSD or sd card is enough. I look for a cheaper solution. And the acard is a lot faster compared to the SCSI2SD, I have both in the same machine. Any help would be fine, there are quite a lot AKAI User who look for an alternative. SCSI2SD is not working anymore because of shortage of parts. Thanks for reading

--- End quote ---
If your working ACARD is compatible with the 7722, you can desolder the flash chip and dump it.  But there are a lot of versions of the firmware already available to download, so I wouldn't expect that you'd need to dump your old one.

You should just need to desolder the 7722's flash chip, (optionally) install a socket, burn the appropriate firmware to the flash chip, and reinstall on the 7722.  IIRC, I tested and had good luck with both 1.69H and 1.73Q.



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