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so, as you might have heard of, the new Arduino UNO rev4 is about to get released at the end of May. They will make a wifi version using ESP32-S3 and a cheaper version widout wifi connection, the main uC will be an RA4M1, but yet there is a hidden block to be descovered. Also supply input voltage up to 24V and usb C. What do you think about that? I am surely getting my hand on one of those as soon as it gets out.


Personally I think it's stupid to call it an UNO R4 when it doesn't have a ATMega328. 

It's just going to confuse new people when things written for an UNO don't work on their UNO.

Should have given it a new name.

Renesas RA4M1? What a huge mistake. The politics of Arduino, killing it off.
Should've stayed with SAMD21 or SAMD51, nobody likes Renesas for their asshole supply chain and obscure nature. 93 week lead times.

A new UNO should just be upgraded 328PB, 328P is near end of life.

Whether they kill themselves or not, I personally don't particularly care. :-DD
The Arduino ecosystem has gotten so big that there are literally hundreds of supported boards and MCUs. You don't need to use Arduino official hardware to use Arduino.
If they want to kill themselves, so be it. "Arduino" as a framework is likely to keep going due to the gigantic user base.

I don't get that "hype" rollout. You either have a board to release or not. What's up with that yellow sticker covering half the board? I'm assuming it is some "but wait, there is more" thing to be disclosed later, but why? Probably CAN stuff, since they mention support, I assume they would have a transceiver, but I don't see too many people interested in that .

I assume they picked Renesas part for 5 V compatibility. They explicitly advertise that. For mainstream board they care about supporting majority of shields, I guess.

Also," UNO R4" name seems to conflict with some random knock-off board.

Plus Renesas may be a good option for them for the supply reasons - they secured all the supply, no parts left for copies :)


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