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Ardunio Uno owners please help.

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I have purchased a Arduino Uno board from ebay from a "trusted seller" and i'm 99% certain i've been duped... The stupid thing wont even power over USB and the LEDs are red.

Is this a fake?

Have you contacted the seller regarding your issue?


Yeah, no response so far.

The seller actually refunded me $15 earlier today after i told him the board he send me wasn't the latest revision as they advertised.

Freaking dodgy all the way.

The person replied...

After taking off a USB cable from another device it now works with USB...

Here is what he said...

--- Quote ---These are not official Arduino boards, and our listing did not claim they were. They definitely shouldn't have any power issues though, they are assembled from the same designs as the real boards. Did you try with a different USB cable? We have had a couple of customers finding that different USB cables fixed the problem.

--- End quote ---

and here is the advertisement


I hope i'm not the only one who thinks this is B.S. it constantly says you're getting an "Arduino Uno with ATMega328", the board has all the Arduino logos on it. Why someone would make a forgery when the deign is open source is beyond my comprehension.

Of note he has offered me a refund, after i send it back ofcourse.

Did you read the note in the listing?

"Made from the same open source designs as the ones made in Italy. 100% compatible."

I don't see why you acknowledge it's an open source design and then think it is a forgery. You can't forge an Arduino, they are free for anyone to make and sell according to the published specifications. That's the whole idea. Many companies make and sell Arduino boards. The benefit is you are not restricted to one single source of supply.


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