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I've been mainly a PIC man until now (yeah, oldschool) but I really want to get "up to my elbows" with ARM-based processors so I've been looking around on eBay for something.

I've got an Raspberry Pi but I want to do more deterministic bit-banging and have a play with the ADCs and other stuff -- the RP is somewhat restricted in that respect.

Has anyone had reasonable success with the little Cortex M3 type boards on eBay?  Most seem to be out of China and seem to be quite well equipped (with TFT touchscreen LCDs) but I'm picking that the documentation will be crap -- in which case it's not such a "bargain".

I'm also looking for a JLink JTAG programmer for the ARM processors -- there are a few but again -- which is reasonable and which is crap?

The STM32 Discovery boards are some of the best deals out there. The F4 version has a 168MHz processor with 1MB of flash and 192K of RAM. It's $15.

I can recommend the STM32 Discovery as well. With all the onboard goodies it's damn good value for money. I currently have 2, and next digikey/mouser ordering round I'll get me some more. Damn handy to stuff in projects. :)

Oh and don't worry about crap chinese documentation. The documentation / support from ST will be crap too so you won't miss out on crappiness! Nice hardware, nice price, not so nice support IMO.

There's also the Arduino Due which has a Cortex M3. Propably the easiest way to get startet.

And there is my own dev board named CatNip! http://wemakethings.net/2012/10/04/catnip/
It's based on LPC1343 chip and does not need a JTAG interface to program it.

It has a decent documentation on http://www.microbuilder.eu/projects/LPC1343ReferenceDesign/
and a software library at https://github.com/Miceuz/LPC1343CodeBase


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