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Ask for help on how to write firmware to DSP chip(fluke)


Hello everyone,Forgive me for asking for help again.

I am repairing a 6000D analyzer,Please allow me to give an overall introduction to the 6000D,The host is made up of 2 chips working together,One is ATMEGA2561V, it looks like it is a UI control chip,The other one is the TMS320F2812 chip, which seems to be used for measurement purposes.I found a JTAG-like interface next to the TMS320F2812 chip.There is also an FT232RL chip on the motherboard, which seems to be used to convert RS232 signals and USB signals.

The TMS320F2812 chip has been damaged.I bought a brand new TMS320F2812 chip and plan to replace it,But it has program inside, I don't know how to write firmware inside new TMS320F2812.

About firmware,I only found 6000D upgrade files on the official website, one is a .hex file and the other is a .x00 file.I don't know if the .x00 file is what I need,Because I have never encountered a file format in this format.
(I have attached the upgrade tutorial and firmware)
In this post(https://www.eevblog.com/forum/microcontrollers/ask-for-help-how-to-write-firmware-to-dsp-chip/), a friend told me to use UniFlash+XDS110 to write firmware via JTAG dictation, but it seems that it does not support .x00 file format

If you know, please tell me, thanks for your help

Can anyone assist me? :-[

Does anyone have constructive suggestions? How should I repair it

Given the variety all these threads you have started, including at least one duplicate, it makes me wonder whether you are trying to reverse-engineer product(s) for some reason.


No, these are all electronic projects I've worked on.Some I plan to build, some I just repair.

That's all


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