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Asking about LM3S811 Arm Cortex-M3 Evaluation Kit

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A friend of mine just sent me this ARM cortex-m3 evaluation kit to play with, and it came with only the jtag cable and nothing else. Though he said originally it was bundled with a program CD and an USB cable, but he lost them.  :-\

I've spent my time at TI website downloading & reading lots of this cpu, eval kit and it's supporting documentations, and when it comes to the physical appearance, the current evaluation kit has some differences and I can not find the revision documentation on this eval kit.

Are they the same thing ?

Took a shot of my board (top pic) and the one from the eval kit documentation downloaded from TI, put those purple arrows show those differences.


The top board was manufactured for Luminary Micro (probably before the acquisition by TI). The current board at TI website is Rev B, therefore I imagine this one is Rev A.

Functionally I think the two boards are identical, but the schematics may have changed a bit.

All in all, I found a user's manual for Rev A at the page below:



Rafael, thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for, great finding.

Looks like TI dumped all old Luminary Micro's documentations after the acquisition.  :-\

I have the ethernet series version of this kit so I'm assuming this is similar:

The debug/JTAG is all done through USB and the JTAG header is for one of two things: You can use the USB JTAG interface for a different external board (hey free JTAG programmer!) or you can use your own external JTAG device.

And yes, TI bought out Luminary micro and rebranded everything. You'll find a lot of the schematics, diagrams, and photos on the TI site still have the luminary micro logo on them! :D

metalphreak, thanks, didn't know that it can be used as jtag programmer too, cool.


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