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ATmega16 eprom/eeprom/flash programmer?

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I need some cheap, easy to build eprom/eeprom/flash programmer but my PCs don't have LPT port. Is there something based around atmega16 or similar uC? Searching in the internet gives me only programmers for avrs and ATmega8 + shift registers programmer but it barely works. ATmega16 seems to have just right amount of pins to program some 28/32pin chips.

Shoot the stealbay for USB ASP. It's an open source usb programmer using v-usb software stack to communicate an avr with pc. U can get those from china for around $3-4 with free shipping (i scored mine for $1.19) :)  Works as intended.

Yeah but that's not what I meant. I want ATmega16 to program external memory chips like AT49F040 or M27C512 through parallel interface.

I would also like some that can do GALs - that is fast becoming a lost art!

If there is none I'm willing to start an open source hardware/software project to make one.

I already started working on my programmer. I'll try to make it work with GALs.


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