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ATMega16 weird behavior

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We are working on a project that involves an ATMEGA16 microcontroller connected through USB as a COM Port.

Somebody else made the hardware and firmware design, I just jumped to help with this issue

Every time we send a byte and the microcontroller process it the current goes down and close to 0, sometimes the microcontroller will reset. Any operation, even when the command is set to do nothing (just receive the byte)

I'm thinking of a Brown Out condition, but I'm approaching the forum if somebody has experience or another clue of what might be causing this issue.

Attached is a chart of the current going down.
If somebody can help we really appreciate it

Which hardware are you using to program the ATmega16? Is it USBASP?

Do you have the USB made via software? Is there a schematics available?

Tepalia02: Yes, we are using the USBASP.

imo: The unit connects as COM port and unfortunately they don't let me share the schematics

Look for a more "official" programmer. A couple of weeks ago I bought a USBASP programmer, one of my STK500's is broken. The software is a nightmare. Seemingly it bypasses the USB chip on the PC side to emulate a serial connection. When my mouse stopped working, I quit on it.

I am now going to order an AVRISP mkii.


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