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Attiny1606 burning out when connected to a drv8251

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I tryed the first point, no effect. For the second point i tryed connecting a LED, didnt work. And powering the motor doesnt work either.

Are you testing this from track power or a lab power supply?

For DCC, the track power for HO scale is approx +/-15V @ 5KHz pulse width encoded communication and power.
I don't do DCC but that's what I remember.  So, you should have plenty of voltage for the 3.3V regulator.

I'm assuming that you're using PA2 to decode the DCC commands?

Testing with a LED will not work since the LED is not bidirectional.  At least use a incandescent light bulb.

It finally works. Turned out to be a problem with the voltage regulator as it is rated only for 100mA max it couldn't deliver enough power for the drv reference and power the attiny. Not sure why it was causing this kind of problem, but after exchanging the old regulator (MCP1792T-3302H/CB) for a new one (AP2210N-3.3TRE1, rated for 300mA), I just seemed to have to laying around, everything works just fine. No overheating, no other problems. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

I'm a bit skeptical. Sounds a bit unusual that the attiny and the reference would need that much current. The reference pin of the DRV8251 is internally connected to a high-impedance amplifier input, so it shouldn't draw any noticeable current (see attachment pic). As for attiny, are you sure that it really needs that much current? Do you have a multimeter where you can measure the amount of current draw from the regulator on the 3V3 rail? A scope would also be helpful to see the voltage ripple on that line.

I am skeptical too. Power usage on the 3v3 rail, when drv is under load, is around 20mA. Not sure if there was some kind of problem with the voltage regulator.


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