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AVR: Creating a 24-bit Input Capture Timer

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--- Quote ---STM32F4 processors have two 32-bit timers, each with four capture channels. Capture can also trigger DMA.

--- End quote ---

These 4 capture channels use the same counter and the counter determines the resolution.


--- Quote from: PCB.Wiz on October 03, 2022, 07:19:06 pm ---If you do not want a solution, why ask the questions ?

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Cascading capture counters I've done very, very often. As I said the solution has been shown above: counting overflows by software and synchronise it at last.
On ATtiny44 I used 10 bit fast PWM (Timer1). The 10 bit capture result was expanded to 32 bit to get exatly timing up to 100 seconds. That's no problem if you know what has to be done.
No one needs Parallax or any other special device.


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