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AVRs and RTOS (real time OS).

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A friend of mine asked me today about AVRs and RTOS (freeRTOS, femptoOS etc). I really haven't used (or read anything related) RTOS on a microcontroller before.  RTOSs is a framework/toolchain/IDE that you can use to write your program compile it and burn to your microcontroller?

Include some header files, make use of the functions/macros/"magic" the RTOS offers, use it's compiler, burn the hex to the target, done.

Am I correct at all?

Does anyone have any experience on AVR+RTOS? Any hints, examples etc?


RTOS normally does not come with an IDE, it is just a code you include in your project, either in binary or in source code form. And yes, you just include some files, make use of the functions and enjoy the magic.

And on AVRs (or AVR32s as I have done), Atmel has plenty of examples. Just take an example program that is close to what you are doing, preferably with too much stuff on it than too little. Cut off what you don't need and add some.

You don't really need an RTOS for AVRs. It just complicates things, because AVRs are small and simple and it is easily possible to  keep control over the code. In my experience people want to throw in an RTOS for such small devices like AVRs when they aren't up to the task and don't understand them, although they are simple.

Thanks guys!


Off topic : I haven't used a RTOS before , what's a RTOS ? ( Real time OS , but what's that got to mean? )


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