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An art and robotics tech engineering friend gave me her BASIC Stamp.  The class was tough for her to grasp.  She passed.  I was in earth science geology school at the time.

I am practicing using the BASIC Stamp and the Bo Bot:


The dot com crashed and my friend is a graphics poster designer for a beverage company in San Jose, California.  The Basic Stamp is by a firm in Rocklin, California by Sacramento, California.  It has a lot of forclosed houses and 4TH miserable place to live in the U.S.A. along with Stockton by Yahoo news.  If I learned about the Basic Stamp, then I will post it.


Well that was a confusing post.  It's been a long time since someone has mentioned a BASIC STAMP.  It a PIC with a BASIC interpreter on it.  It's slow and it's always been expensive.  It was the easy to use goto chip for non-electronics people and beginners before the Arduino went crazy.

I drink protein shakes and pet my cat.


--- Quote from: tyblu on March 12, 2011, 03:03:27 am ---I drink protein shakes and pet my cat.

--- End quote ---

At the same time?  ;D

Has anyone been able to decode this post?
I can usually figure out what a post is about, however this one is beyond me.  ::)
I recognize Basic Stamp. They were a good idea that was killed off by over pricing(greed). Picaxe and the newer Arduino boards are a lot more cost effective for beginners.



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